Food Adjectives That Are Better Than Good

February 9, 2015 1 Comment

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Although my students frequently evaluate their food, they struggle to describe it in words other than “good” or some variation.

Kinda good.

Really good.

Not so good.

I recently tried out TagCrowd to help students find words other than good to objectively describe food.

TagCrowd is a word cloud generator much like Wordle, except that I could get it to work in my Chrome browser. It’s features are more limited but it produced fine results. I also like that it did not require log in.

I had students compose an email to me, set a timer for 10 minutes, and told them to type as many food adjectives as they could think of. They could consult the Internet and cooking magazines if they got stuck.

I copied their emails into a TagCrowd box which generated my word cloud, making more frequently used words appear larger. I had the option to embed as HTML or save as PDF.

It would be fun to make a word cloud from all of their former evaluations to see just how big GOOD appeared.

In the future I will project this image while students are evaluating food to give them a better vocabulary to choose from.


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