Food and Nutrition I Week 4: November 14-18

November 14, 2011 No Comments

Monday, November 14

Due: Chapter 8 Test Today
Assigned: 9-1 Study Guide

  • Chapter 8 Test
  • Work on 9-1 Study Guide when finished
  • “Small Appliances A-Z” Video/Journal: What small appliance starts with the first letter of your first name (or last, Zoey 🙂 ) What is the small appliance used for?
  • 9-1 Kitchen Scavenger Hunt

Tuesday, November 15

Due: 9-1 Study Guide
Assigned: 9-3 Study Guide

  • 9-1 Scavenger hunt, if no time yesterday
  • Check 9-1 Study Guide
  • Outline 9-3
  • “Bringing it to a Boil” Video and supporting materials
  • Cooking Method Search: Make a graphic organizer with three columns.  Label the columns “Moist Heat Methods, Dry Heat Methods, and Combination Methods.”  Review a cookbook and look for different methods.  Write the name of the recipe in the correct column and the words used to describe the cooking method.  Remember to look for cooking recipes, not baking.

Wednesday, November 16

Due: 9-3 Outline/Study Guide
Assigned: Lab tomorrow: Hair, nails, shoes

  • Discuss cooking method search
  • “Turning Up the Heat” Video and supporting materials
  • Combination Method Pork Chop demonstration

Thursday, November 17

Due: Lab tomorrow: Hair, nails, shoes

  • Combination Method Pork Chop Lab

Friday, November 18

Due: Lab tomorrow: Hair, nails, shoes

  • Finish lab, laundry, dishes
  • Unwrapped: Thanksgiving: Continue cooking method chart by listing the recipes prepared in the video in the proper column

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