Food and Nutrition Week 1: October 24-28 2011

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Here is my tentative outline for the week.  My students surprise me every day, so these plans are certainly subject to change.  I will be updating as the week goes on.

Monday 10/24:

No School, Teacher Work Day

Tuesday 10/25:
Assigned: Information Card due Friday, Chapter 7 bingo vocabulary and concepts due tomorrow

  • Give seating chart
  • Assign parent information index card: Custodial parent’s name, home address, phone number, email, preferred contact method, and student food allergies
  • Review syllabus and class expectations
  • “Tour” classroom
  • Work on Chapter 7 bingo vocabulary and concepts sheets

Wednesday 10/26:
Due: Chapter 7 vocabulary and concepts
Assigned: Food safety slogan poster due Friday, video notes as in class activity, Information Card due Friday

  • Complete Chapter 7 vocabulary and concepts as bell work
  • Play Bingo
  • Spoiled Rotten Food Safety, watch on Learn360.  Write three new food safety facts and turn in as journal
  • Food safety slogan poster (PowerPoint slide rubric):  Students sign up for a safety topic (Docx file of topics)
  • Food safety slogan poster work time, due Friday

Thursday 10/27:
Assigned: Food safety slogan poster due Friday, Information Card due Friday, Food Safety Pretest and Signs of Safety completed as in-class activities

  • Food safety pretest as bell work
  • Pass the Potato hand washing activity
  • Day at the Picnic food safety disaster story
  • Signs of Safety review as a group
  • Poster work time with remainder of class

Friday 10/28:
Due: Food Safety Slogan Poster, Information Card
Assigned: Yeast Balloon Blow Up and Quick Cooling reflections as in-class activities

  • Turn in Information Card before start of class
  • Present Food Safety Slogan Posters and discuss
  • Danger Zone: Yeast Balloon Blow Up activity
  • Quick Cooling: Measuring Tall and Shallow Containers activity

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