Food and Nutrition Week 6: November 28- December 2, 2011

November 28, 2011 No Comments

Here is my tentative outline for the week.  My students surprise me every day, so these plans are certainly subject to change.  I will be updating as the week goes on.

Monday 11/28:
Due: First portion of food and activity diary
Assigned: Continue food diary

  • MyPyramid website demonstration
  • Record food diary on MyPyramid website in lab
  • Begin video “Supersize Me”

Tuesday 11/29:
Ms. Kramer at Perkins conference, substitute teacher
Due: First portion of food and activity diary, 4-3 Quiz
Assigned: Continue food diary

  • “Supersize Me” Video
  • 4-3 Study Guide

Wednesday 11/30:
Due: Lab tomorrow: Close-toe shoes, hair ties
Assigned: 4-3 Quiz tomorrow, Completed MyPyramid diary and reflection

Thursday 12/1:
Due: Food diary and reflection paper, Close-toe shoes, hair ties
Assigned: Complete lab plans

  • Turn in MyPyramid diary, week summary, and reflection
  • 4-3 Quiz
  • Shake and Fries Lab

Friday 12/2:
Due: Lab reflections

  • Disordered Eating Quiz
  • True Life: “I’m Addicted to Food”

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