Food and Nutrition Week 8: October 10-14, 2011

October 10, 2011 No Comments

Here is my tentative outline for the week.  My students surprise me every day, so these plans are certainly subject to change.  I will be updating as the week goes on.

Monday 10/10:
Due: Vocabulary review book, Short answer vocabulary test
Assigned: Lab tomorrow: close-toe shoes, hair ties

Tuesday 10/11:
Due: Lab plans, Lab today: close-toe shoes and hair ties
Assigned: Enrichment activity for students with less than 75% on vocabulary test

  • Hand back vocabulary test, enrichment activity for students receiving less than 75%
  • Enrichment activity:  Students will write full sentence definitions for each word incorrectly identified. Due: Friday
  • Prepare baked corn tortillas
  • Preparing raw fruits and vegetables lab: Tortilla Toppings!

Wednesday 10/12:
Early Out, 58 minute blocks
Assigned: Vegetable cooking lab reflection

Thursday 10/13:
Due: Vegetable cooking lab reflection
Assigned: Cooking fruits and vegetables/Pancake toppings lab plans, Lab tomorrow: Close-toe shoes, hair ties

  • Pancake demonstration
  • Prepare lab plans for tomorrow’s lab: Cooking Fruits and Vegetables

Friday 10/14:
Due: Cooking fruits and vegetables/Pancake toppings lab plans, Lab today: Close-toe shoes, hair ties, Enrichment activity
Assigned: Lab reflections


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