Food and Nutrition Week 9: October 17-21, 2011

October 17, 2011 No Comments

Here is my tentative outline for the week.  My students surprise me every day, so these plans are certainly subject to change.  I will be updating as the week goes on.

I can’t believe that it is my last week with my Foods and Nutrition Students!  I am sad to see them go but hope to see them again soon in Foods II and III

Monday 10/17:
Due: Fruit topping evaluation, will have time to work at beginning of class
Assigned: Chapter graphic organizer due by end of class; Check grades on PowerSchool and return all missing work

  • Complete evaluation from fruit topping lab
  • Watch and discuss “Amazing Grains” video
  • Create graphic organizer of section chapter in groups

Tuesday 10/18:
Assigned: Lab tomorrow: Hair ties, cover-toe shoes

  • Present and review graphic organizers with grain examples
  • Start Rice-a-Roni demonstration
  • While rice simmers, start Waves of Grain: “Power to the Pilaf,” Good Eats, Volume 10, Disc 1
  • Eat Rice-a-Roni while finishing video
  • Clean up

Wednesday 10/19:
Due: Lab today: Hair ties, cover-toe shoes
Assigned: Lab reflection, all missing work

  • Grains lab today

Thursday 10/20:
Due: Grains lab reflection
Assigned: Study for Friday’s Test

  • Complete grains lab reflection
  • Clean kitchens (first block upper cabinets, second block lower cabinets)
  • Inventory and organize tools

Friday 10/21:
Due: Test today
Assigned: Good luck on your next term!

  • Final test
  • Final reflection
  • “Party” with whole grain snacks and beans snacks

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