Food, Inc Reflection Paper

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Hello Creative Foods students!

Judging by our class discussion, Food, Inc. has been a very influential film to you.  It is important to understand where your food comes from.  Many of us were alarmed to see how things are, but we were also inspired by people working for change.

I want you to address these items in your reflection paper.

Your paper will be:

  • 1 page, double spaced, Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins

Your paper will include:

  • Three major reactions to the film.  Describe what stood out to you; share facts that are new to you; use complete descriptive sentences. (15 pts)
  • In the concluding paragraph you will share how you apply the information from the film to your own life.  You should share your hopes as well as your challenges to making changes. (10 pts)

The paper will be worth 25 points.  Note the rubric: You receive five points for each reaction but 10 for the concluding paragraph.  This is my way to communicate to you that how you apply the information from the film is the most important objective.


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