how to manage multiple grocery lists fcs family consumer sciences

Grocery Grids: How to Manage Multiple Grocery Lists for Family and Consumer Sciences Teachers

January 13, 2020 No Comments

As we allow students more input in their recipe ingredients, the management of groceries gets more complicated. Today I’m sharing my tried-and-true grocery list method.

While it is tempting to have every student prepare the same recipe every time, as students get more advanced it is important that they have more say in their ingredients. This makes for some of my favorite labs like the Regional Pizza Project or the DIY Casserole. It also makes for a diverse grocery load.

Teachers may also be balancing many different foods classes and need to streamline grocery shopping to save their sanity. Next term, for example, I will be teaching three different foods classes.

The method of tracking all of my groceries that works great for me is to keep my lists on a single sheet of grid paper. Students fill out the sheet accurately or they don’t get what they “ordered.”

The first group of students makes a list of what they need down the left-hand side of the paper. They make a column for their group to list quantities.

The next group of students makes a column for their group to list quantities as well. They can either list quantities of an already-listed ingredient or add more ingredients to the left-hand side.

Here’s a picture to hopefully help clarify.

how to manage grocery lists fcs family consumer sciences

I double-check my pantry for items I already have and then end up with a much shorter list for the grocery store.

This method works great for me and helps cut down on trips and headaches for purchasing. It also puts the responsibility on the students. Ideally, students would shop for their own groceries but this is a good option.

I also use this method for myself when I’m planning a big event or challenge. One year I brought cookies for every category of my county fair. I used this method to manage ingredients for the twelve recipes.

If your school has better technology access than mine, I imagine this would work wonderfully on a spreadsheet.

How do you manage the heavy grocery load of your classroom?

how to manage multiple grocery lists fcs family consumer sciences



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