Hand Sanitizer Hall Pass

February 6, 2015 No Comments

How do you like my new hall pass?


The students think it is pretty funny. It’s not the best one in the school, but I don’t care to compete with a giant plastic fish or a toilet seat.

As you can see, I added a label to a bottle of hand sanitizer. You could just write on the bottle with permanent marker. Here’s how I made mine with free online tools:

  • I found a copyright-free image of daisies using Creative Commons Image Search
  • I opened the image in my favorite free online photo editor, PicMonkey
  • I applied a black and white filter
  • I adjusted the contrast to be very dark
  • I added white text over the image
  • I printed the image on the back of a yellow flyer
  • I taped the image onto the bottle with packaging tape


Printing on the back of a poster is not the limit to my stinginess thriftiness. I cut a rubber band from broccoli in half (because it is too thick to use otherwise) and wrapped it around the pump to limit the amount dispensed with each pump.

Does anyone else use funny hall passes?



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