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October 20, 2015 No Comments

Our recent whole grains and beans snack lab was very popular. Students enjoyed learning to incorporate healthy plant-based proteins into their diets with healthy snacks.

Just kidding- they liked cooking and eating. But we know they learned in the process. 😉

First, every group made a batch of whole wheat crackers.


The instructions call for the crackers to be cut into 1″ squares, but one group had some extra time on their hands and got into the cookie cutters.


Then each kitchen group was assigned a bean-based snack recipe.


Clockwise from left we have: Buffalo Ranch Roasted Chickpeas, Cowboy Caviar, Cookie Dough Dip (made with chickpeas!), another bowl of Cowboy Caviar (I have an extra kitchen in this class), Black Bean Brownies, and Go Hawks Salsa.

The students love this lab! Even the black bean brownies got rave reviews. One student somehow missed that the brownies were mostly black beans. After her classmates got done laughing they were so excited to tell me that she really liked the brownies, not knowing they were healthy.

They are looking forward to tricking their families with the brownies and cookie dough dip and serving the other healthy beans dishes at their next get-together.



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