Homecoming Week Dress-Up Days

October 4, 2013 No Comments

It’s time for the big football game tonight and the dance tomorrow.  Homecoming week has been a lot of fun! My personal favorite festivity is the themed dress-up days.  This year the cheerleaders picked “M Day,” “Grandparent’s Day,” “America Day,” and “Disney Day.”

Monday: “M” Day
I wore all of my vintage plaids to be “Mismatched”
Tuesday: Grandparent’s Day
Well… My grandmothers were alive in the 1940’s so it seemed like a good excuse to wear my favorite vintage dress with the chartreuse heels from my wedding.
Wednesday: America Day
A throwback to my favorite celebrity ever, Rosie the Riveter. 
Thursday: Disney Day
This was a toughie… I found a red bubble dress at Goodwill, cut a hole in the lining, and stuffed it with plastic bags.  I wore a green beanie as a leaf and called myself the poisonous apple from Snow White.

Friday: Red and Gold Day
Just me in jeans and my red and gold Homecoming t-shirt

It was a fun week.  I hope the weather holds out for the game and dance!

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