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How to Digitize Breakout Activities | Etiquette Digital Breakout

November 10, 2019 1 Comment

My students and I love breakout activities. To save money and prep time, I digitize the materials into password-protected pages. Today I’ll take you through the process so you can create your own digital breakouts.

The technology tools I use for this are:

  • Google Slides
  • Google Drive
  • ThinFi
  • TinyUrl

My Junior Foods students recently used the etiquette breakout by Kim Graybill of A little prep work last term made this breakout ready to go in a pinch as a pretest. 

First, I accessed the materials which were available as a single PDF document. To separate the files, I “printed” each student page as a separate PDF and uploaded them to my Google Drive. If you have student worksheets that you would like to turn into a breakout, you could scan each individually. It is important that the files are PDF or students could edit your original documents.

Next, I created a Google Slide. I made a title for the slide and created a custom url for students to find the slide easily. Within Google Slides I chose “Share” and “Get shareable link.” I set permissions so that anyone with the link would be able to view the document.

I pasted that link into TinyUrl and chose a custom handle for shortening the link to make it easy for students to access. I made that link part of the title of my Google slide.

I typed out the title of each challenge onto the Google slide. The first challenge for the etiquette breakout required students to organize paper cutouts of a plate, napkin, cup and utensils, so it has no link. In other breakouts I link directly to the first worksheet.

The rest of the worksheets need to be linked password-protected. I went into Google Drive and get a link to the document. Then I copy/pasted the link into Thinfi. I use the password for the previous document to link to the document. For example, the answer to the first challenge is 1625. To get into Challenge 2, I password-protected the PDF with that code. I took the shortened URL and made a hyperlink of the title of the challenge.

Etiquette Breakout

The first challenge of the etiquette breakout is to put a place setting in order with slips of paper so I did not make a link for that page. I keep the papers in hole-punched envelopes in the course binder.

It takes a little doing, but the prep work in advance is totally worth it. The etiquette breakout is already ready for you!

To play with your students, project the slide and direct them to the shortlink. This will take them to the slide to access the links. Distribute the paper pieces sets. Students should be self-directed from there. I grade my students by collecting the scratch paper they answer the digital worksheets on.

Kim has several breakout activities available for free on her amazing site. Be sure to check out!

how to digitize breakout activities digital breakout password protected



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