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October 14, 2016 1 Comment


When planning my upcoming child development unit for my eighth graders, I knew that my standard lecture-based lesson plan like I use with my older health students was not going to cut it. It is such a strange age to discuss “sensitive” topics with some students doing anything for a laugh and some (nearly) dying from embarrassment. Although it is one of the more awkward lessons for both students and teachers, it is nonetheless one of the most important topics we discuss. So I pulled out one of my favorite tech tools, Brain Rush, to help. Brain Rush will capitalize on their competitiveness and they might possibly even enjoy this lesson.

Brain Rush is a great choice to teach terms from this unit because it is self-correcting. It will repeat questions students took a long time to answer or answer incorrectly. Because students learn the information independently, you are free to answer more specific questions that will come up for students.

Students may use the short links provided to access each of the different games. If you have a class website you may choose to make the links live for students to access quickly.

I hope you enjoy Brain Rush and that it frees you up with more time for personalized student interaction.

You can download the worksheet with student short links, key, and instructions here.


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