Knife Skills Soup Lab Update

September 11, 2013 No Comments

Small Berti Chef's KnifeYet another week of 90+ degree temperatures in Iowa left me with early dismissals on Monday and Tuesday.  I was appreciative to leave my 86 degree classroom but bummed at the effect on the knife skills lab.  With a couple tweeks, everything is back in order.  My layout is now similar to a standard one hour class.

Day 1 (One hour)
  • I demonstrated the cutting skills for the soup
  • Students labeled the parts of a knife with the first five minutes of American Slicer
Day 2 (One hour)
  • Students reviewed cutting skills with the remaining 15 minutes of American Slicer
  • Students cut the vegetables for their soup
Day 3 (Full 85-minute block)
  • Cook soup
  • Utensil identification quiz activity
  • Eat soup
  • Clean up soup

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