Non-Traditional Classroom Funding… A.K.A Embrace Your Retro-Groovy Classroom Kitchens!

August 27, 2013 No Comments

Like most FCS classrooms in old schools, my room is in need want of an update. Please don’t take away my metal cabinets, (but a little paint would be nice) but some insulation, ventilation, and temperature regulation would be much appreciated!

I so love my job, my school, and my administration.  I try not to complain about trivial things like orange paint!

I have recently embraced the retro-grooviness of my kitchen with an Ebay sale. If your kitchens are also awesome, you may find some collectables you didn’t know you have.

This Jadite mug sold for $13.65,

 This Pyrex bowl for $15.75,

 And this set of stainless Imperial cutlery for $3.97.

I have some other items that I will re-list and hope for better luck next week!

I’m saving for some fun accessories for our cake decorating unit.  I get some talented students in here who would like to try sugar work, fondant, and gum paste.  I feel bad using department money to buy such indulgent things, so finding extra cash is awesome.

What kind of cash do you have hiding in your classroom cupboards?


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