Observing Changes in Cooked Vegetables

October 12, 2011 3 Comments

Today students observed changes in vegetables while they cooked.

Students practiced chopping skills with the new chef knives.  The vegetables were placed in water to cover and then brought to a boil.

A sample of the vegetables and cooking water was taken after 3 minutes boiling.

Another sample was taken after 5 more minutes.

Finally, the vegetables were boiled for an additional 10 minutes.

Students observed changes in the texture and appearance at each stage.  It was also important to observe changes in the water color.

Tomorrow we will discuss changes in vegetables as they cook.

Our classroom smelled great today!  It is also great that students had the opportunity to practice their knife skills.

Students practiced kitchen conservation today by:

  • Saving rubber bands from broccoli to use for food packaging
  • Putting vegetable scraps into the compost
  • Saving the liquid for use as vegetable broth.  We will freeze the broth to use in future labs.





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