Peeps Microwave Experiment

September 18, 2013 1 Comment

Peeps of the World...Unite

Apparently the “Cinnamon Challenge” is (finally) losing its appeal and the new “thing” is to microwave peeps.  What a cool way to demonstrate how a microwave works!

Many people roll their eyes when I talk about teaching high school students to use a microwave.  I think it is very interesting! I have learned a lot from teaching this unit.  I learned that water is polarized and vibrates to move with the microwave radiation. I learned why foil starts fires, why closed containers explode, and why leftover pizza burns you even if the crust is cool. I love to learn the why behind things which is why the microwave unit is so fun.

If you are interested in a similar unit you can access my materials here:

Students perform the experiment of microwaving the peeps before I lecture or do notes.  After they understand more about how microwaves work students use the experiment to explain why their peeps changed in the pattern and way that they did.
We follow this experiment with our Microwaved Thanksgiving lab.  It is a favorite lab that students like to do at home.

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