recipe of me icebreaker introduction activity fcs home economics

Recipe of Me | First Day Introductory Activity

December 9, 2019 No Comments

This activity is a great way for students to introduce themselves in Bakery classes- or any other foods-related FCS/Home Economics course.

Students create a “Recipe of Me.” It is a great way to review recipe terms while getting to know your students.

Components include:

  • Title: Recipe of Name (Example: Recipe of Kayla)
  • Yield: What does this make? One Happy Teen? An Overstressed Girl? A Horse Lover?
  • Preparation: What has to happen first? Popular ones I have seen include 8 hours of sleep, a pot of coffee, or a morning workout
  • Ingredients: These are personal characteristics of the students- whatever they want to emphasize. Quantities should show the importance or significance to the student. For example, they may be 1 Cup Outgoing and 1 teaspoon shy. Students can pick anything they choose to share! I require at least eight ingredients.
  • Instructions: Use real cooking terms to describe how these ingredients come together. Mix, stir, sprinkle, fold, etc.
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I hope you enjoy getting to know your students with this icebreaker activity.

recipe of me icebreaker introduction activity fcs home economics


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