Recipe Substitutions: A Classroom Project Using Google Presentations

September 3, 2013 No Comments

Today students began their Recipe Substitutions presentations.  Each group is assigned a food product to replace or add to a recipe to make it more healthful.  They will use 1-3 slides to answer:

  • What is the purpose of your assigned ingredient in a baked goods recipe?
  • Why would someone want to omit or add your assigned ingredient?
  • What are three different “tricks” for omitting or adding your ingredient?
  • Can your “tricks” be traded with a 1:1 ratio or does the whole recipe need to change?
  • How does each substitution affect the finished product?

Google Presentations was a handy technology tool for this project.  I made a Google Presentation and gave access to everyone in the Marion district with the link to edit. That way I do not have to add each student individually.  The students will have to sign in to edit the presentation so I will be able to monitor their activity. Unfortunately that means I will not be able to let you view it until all of the projects are done.  Expect an update by this Thursday!

Another great source is Pinterest.  It is full of infographics of healthy substitutions. Check out my collection here.

The introductory slide is a list of expectations.  Each table has a slide to add to with their recipe modification.

  • Reduce Fat
  • Replace Eggs
  • Increase Fiber
  • Omit refined sugars
  • Replace Gluten and Casein
    • I like to sneak in special diets to each activity. In the future I may choose vegan recipes, “Paleo” recipes, etc.

Later this week students will receive a basic muffin recipe and decide how to modify it. I will have them divide the recipe in half and figure the unit price of the recipe.  It will be a practical assessment of the unit. And students always enjoy edible assessments! 🙂


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