Small Appliances Demonstration: Microwaved Thanksgiving FACS Lab

September 19, 2013 No Comments

After students learned how a microwave oven works with the Peeps Experiment and notes, they demonstrated their skills with a Thanksgiving feast.

The five kitchens each made a recipe and arranged them buffet-style for the other students to try.  This lab is always a hit and the students like to recreate the labs at home.  Teachers and associates frequently ask me to share the recipes.

Would you like the recipes? You can download my Google Doc of the recipes, lab evaluation, and reflection.

Somehow I was able to create this lab for each of my three classes for just $20!

Take advantage of all of the free produce in the teacher’s lounge.
I am up to my eyeballs in zucchini this time of year so I was happy to share some with my students.
I also had a few leftovers from our knife skills lab.
Adjusting your labs to use seasonal produce will save your department money. My Food and Nutrition students may can tomatoes in the fall, but in the spring they could try rhubarb jam.  It teaches the same skills!


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