Stock up on Easter Sale Items

April 17, 2014 No Comments

It’s Easter time! Of course the true importance of this holiday is a personal one, it is also a good time to stock up on items that will keep your budget down for next year.
Things you will find at great prices this week include:

  • Ham Bones are a great way to demonstrate stock. They could also be used in cooking dried beans demonstration.
  • Pork products. No matter how much I hate the smell of cooking meat, my students still insist on sneaking bacon into every creative project. I hope this trend ends soon! 🙂 The Iowa Pork Checkoff offers vouchers for purchasing pork for classroom use.
  • Peeps are great for demonstrating how a microwave works.  They are so much more fun than plain marshmallows. (And they are CHEEP! this time of year 😉 )
  • Sugar! My local HyVee has it priced for just $.99 for 4 lbs, limit four per customer.
  • Flour! HyVee has it for $1.68 for 5 lbs, no limit!
  • Not a sale item, but fun to note that pies cost $10 on sale! What a great fundraiser or business idea!

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