diy student directed jeopardy review game

Student-Directed Comprehensive Jeopardy Review Game

February 12, 2019 No Comments

diy student directed jeopardy review gameIt can be challenging to fit the content of an entire course or unit into a single review game. For that, I recruit my student’s help to create their own game.

Students are divided up into as many groups as you have categories. I use one unit per category unless it is especially lengthy: Reproductive anatomy and STIs get separate categories, for example. Choose how many questions you would like from each category. Students write the question and answer on one side of an index card (or, in my case, chopped up old worksheets). Then, they review their questions as a group and arrange them in order of difficulty. They write the value of the question on the back side of the page.

To play, write the categories on the magnetic dry-erase board and have students magnet the questions up in order, value side out. Then play as a regular review game Jeopardy.

I say “Jeopardy” but I use lots of modifications for classroom play:

  • Students play in groups
  • A group gets to choose a question. If they answer it, they get a point. If not, the next group gets to try and so on.
  • Groups do not lose points for answering incorrectly
  • Students may not pick their group’s questions, but they can answer them if it comes on a “steal.”

For easy scorekeeping, I keep piles of correct answers for each group and add them up at the end.

I usually have a category called “Pins Picks” for questions I want to be sure to cover and not leave up to students.

Students really enjoy this game! It is a fun, technology-free way to review.


I use these magnets all. the. time. for this game and many others. They are very inexpensive and super strong. They hold posters while students present and can even hold booklets and file folders.

I also use them inside handsewn felt projects. You can see some cute shapes on the board- The magnets can hold even through felt!


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