Student-Made Review Game Activities

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To study for the final, students designed their own review games.  Each of the six kitchens were given a chapter or unit. Their guidelines were:

  • Choose at least 10 questions and answers from the assigned chapter.
  • Choose 3 essay/discussion questions
  • Design a review game that will take about 15 minutes to present to your classmates.
  • No photocopies allowed

I was so impressed by student creativity!  There are plenty of ideas to use with my future classes.

Jeopardy by Taylor & Jordan

  • Taylor and Jordan prepared a Jeopardy game board on a transparency.  They divided the class into two teams.  As a question was asked it was crossed out on the transparency.  Questions were prepared on a separate sheet of paper and asked as the teams chose them.  Scores were recorded on the white board.

Bingo by Abbie, Zach, and Haley

  • Abbie, Zach, and Haley listed vocabulary words from their chapter on a transparency.  They instructed their classmates to create a 4 x 4 “BING” board on scratch paper and arrange the vocabulary words in the squares.  As the definitions were read, students placed a pinto bean on the correct answer.

Money Drop by Mitchell and Brittney

  • Mitchell and Brittney instructed their classmates to create a 4-square board and label the squares “A, B, C, and D.” Students were given 15 beans as their “money.” As the multiple choice answers were read, students “bet” on the correct answer.  Beans on the incorrect answers were lost.  The students with the most “money” after all of the questions read were the winners.

Tic-Tac-Toe by Zoey, Ryan, and Trevor

  • Students were instructed to make a tic-tac-toe board on scrap paper. They were divided into pairs.  Partners determined who was the “X” and who was the “O.”  X’s were asked a question and whispered the answer to their partner.  If their answer was correct they could make their mark. The partners played on until a winner was determined.

Connect 4 by Jacob, Bre, and Katie

  • Jacob, Bre, and Katie created a Connect-4 board on a transparency.  The class was divided in half.  Students were asked review questions. If their answer was correct they could choose where to put their game piece.
  • Students played Pintos vs. Paperclips- the differing shapes worked out great for use on an overhead projector.

Wheel-of-Fortune by Haley and Jessica

  • Haley and Jessica played Wheel-of-Fortune with the vocabulary words.  They divided the class into five groups and rotated around the class while the students guessed letters in the word.  In order to solve the word the students had to say the definition as well.

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