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November 22, 2015 No Comments

Happily distracting you from the grading and planning you should be doing right now with a collection of links I’ve enjoyed this week.

To begin: 100 Years of Family Dinners. Because I geek domestic history.

All of the ways to cook eggs that your intro textbook covers, but with delicious pictures to match: Every Kind of Egg Order Finally Explained

I enjoy dressing vicariously through Cassie Stephens blog, What the Art Teacher Wore. Her themed outfits rival my favorite teacher ever, Ms. Frizzle!

Related: My Pinterest Board What Would Ms. Frizzle Wear? (…if she was a 20-something FACS teacher) No, I don’t dress like this. My wardrobe is much more like this, actually. (Link to Into Mind, a minimalist clothing blog. Minimalist as in quantity of clothes one owns, not wears 😉 )

So… meat causes cancer. Depending on whether your nutrition information comes from VegNews or the Beef Board, opinions on the matter vary greatly. In this FAQ article, the World Health Organization breaks down their new guideline in easy to understand (aka student friendly) terms.

A difficult but very important topic to discuss: How empathy is very different from sympathy. This short video gives an excellent explanation.

A recent episode of Chopped featured volunteers and a Chicago nun, Sister Alicia Torres, won the $10,000 prize. I’m looking forward to watching the show but enjoyed reading this recap.

I’m five miles in to my Charity Marathon! On July 31 I made the goal to knit/crochet 26.2 miles of yarn into items to give away. You can follow my progress on Facebook and Instagram.

Have you found anything awesome on the Internet this week?


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