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Teacher Gifts | Five Practical New Ideas

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Scented candles are fabulous, but most of us can’t burn them in our school. Here are five practical gifts that teachers will love and will help us out in the classroom too.

First things first- teachers don’t expect gifts. This is simply a list of my favorite things as a teacher that you may enjoy for your classroom too.

USB Number pad This is a must for teachers who worked (or still work!) retail- Life will never be the same without a number pad for our computers. With most teachers working from laptops, this is just the accessory we need. I keep a paper grade book and use this to buzz through data entry online. I use this all. of. the. time.

Ticonderoga pencils Please don’t waste any time or money with anything else. Ticonderoga pencils are life. Some teachers are stereotypically into flair pens, but I prefer the red erasable Ticonderoga pencils for correcting.

Dungeons and Dragons dice I love and use my D&D dice so much that I made a blog post dedicated to them. They are such a great way to make random decisions without the clutter of cards and sticks for every class.


Teachers Pay Teachers gift card Giftcards are a little cliche for gifts, but a TPT card is sure to be appreciated by any teacher. Most of us don’t go through the trouble of checking out a school credit card or getting reimbursed for a few dollars here and there, but those purchases really add up. You’re literally giving teachers the gift of time with a TPT gift card.

Canvas Pocket Tote My backpack is on its last leg and this tote is the next purchase up for me. It’s under $30 but still has nearly 300 5-star reviews! It came highly recommended by my sister (a nurse) who had it recommended by another nurse. It’s gotten to have a bit of a cult following on her blog and I’m excited to join!

Alright teachers… What are your favorite gifts to give and receive? 

practical teacher gift ideas



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