Teen Insights Week 1: October 24-28 2011

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Here is my tentative outline for the week.  My students surprise me every day, so these plans are certainly subject to change.  I will be updating as the week goes on.

Monday 10/24:

No School, Teacher Work Day

Tuesday 10/25:
Assigned: Information Card due Friday, Let Me Introduce… as in-class activity

  • Give seating chart
  • Assign parent information index card: Custodial parent’s name, home address, phone number, email, preferred contact method, and student food allergies
  • Review syllabus and class expectations
  • Let Me Introduce… activity: Students are assigned partners to interview and introduce to the class

Wednesday 10/26:
Due: Information Card due Friday
Assigned: Journal as bell work, Cooperative Learning notes, Groups in the News due Thursday

  • Journal as bell work
  • Pretest (graded on improvement, not perfection!)
  • PowerPoint presentation on Cooperative Learning and Working in Groups, (pptx file) with notes sheet
  • Individually rank top 10 leadership characteristics, (docx file) then in groups, then as a class
  • Groups in the News: Locate newspaper articles about groups that are in the news.  Bring the articles to class, identify what the group is for, why the groups were in the news, and what they were trying to accomplish.  Explain why individuals think people should join these groups?

Thursday 10/27:
Due: Groups in the News
Assigned: Journal entry as bell work

  • Journal entry as bell work
  • Discuss journal entry
  • Share Groups in the News
  • Team Skills for the New Workplace video and notes
  • Discuss video
  • Picture puzzle group activity

Friday 10/28:
Due: Information Card
Assigned: Journal entry as bell work Create Your Own Groups, due Tuesday

  • Journal entry as bell work
  • Leadership video
  • Work on Chapter 9 Study Guide
  • Create Your Own Group assignment

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