This Week in Bakery (W3T3-12-13)

January 28, 2013 No Comments

This week students will…

  • Apply ratios to create their own quick bread recipe
  • Demonstrate how to make quality quick breads: Biscuits, muffins, and quick loaves
  • List yeast dough ingredients and explain their functions
  • Demonstrate baking quality yeast bread

Monday, 1/28
Assigned: Quick bread Test Tuesday
Due: Create Your Own Quick bread

  • Make final draft of muffin recipe
  • Evaluate muffins and written materials: Recipe, packaging, and advertisement

Tuesday, 1/29
Due: Quickbread Test Today, FACT Biscuit notes

  • Quickbread Test (Test, Key)
  • Work on yeast bread notes
  • Video: Just the Facts: Yeast Breads (Learning Zone Express, 22 min)
  • Demonstrate mixing yeast dough (Honey Whole Wheat Recipe)

Wednesday, 1/30

  • Demonstrate shaping and baking yeast dough
  • Students mix yeast dough

Thursday, 1/31
Substitute Teacher: Ms. Pins at Professional Development
Assigned: Yeast Bread Test Friday

  • Shape and bake yeast dough
  • Yeast bread notes

Friday, 2/1
Due: Yeast Bread Test Today


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